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Long weekend baby!

Long weekend baby!

Just Bought some Adidas Bodywash

(2 for 1 baby!)  While showering today I noticed it says it was developed with athletes.  Genius!  I can’t even guess how many times I’ve been showering and wondering how David Beckham would make a bottle of soap.  

Baseball Hall of Fame

Results come out today. I’d have voted for Jeff Bagwell, Barry Larkin, Tim
Raines, Larry Walker, Jeff Bagwell and Edgar Martinez.

But the most annoying thing that happens every year is the Jack Morris
bashing that comes out at Hall of Fame time. The guy may not fit the stats
guy definition of a Hall of Famer (or mine for that matter), but
actively campaigning against a guy to make the Hall feels unsavory. I’m all
for support guys to get in, but firing out essays to keep a guy out just
doesn’t sit right with me. Who cares if he makes it? No one cheers for
the Hall of Fame team or has stock in the Hall of Fame. Be happy when your
guy makes it, but ease up on the vitriol when someone who doesn’t fit your
criteria gets in.


A wild leopard strayed into a village on the outskirts of Siliguri, India, mauling several people — including this forest guard — before being caught.

Classy tune.